What’s the difference between Apex, ApexM, and Intensity?

Apex is a medical device that cures Stress Urinary Incontinence. Stress Urinary Incontinence is defined as leaking urine when you laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise. Stress Urinary Incontinence is primarily caused by weak pelvic floor muscles. Apex strengthens pelvic floor muscles quickly and efficiently at home and at your convenience. Stronger pelvic floor muscles provide many other benefits such as avoiding pelvic organ prolapse and tightening and toning the vaginal vault.

ApexM is a medical device that cures both Stress Urinary Incontinence AND Urge Urinary Incontinence. Urge Urinary Incontinence is the result of an over active Detrusor muscle that surrounds the bladder. The Detrusor muscle begins to spasm and compress the bladder without control. ApexM sends a calming signal to that Detrusor muscle relaxing it so that it only compresses the bladder when you want it to.

Intensity is an Apex device with added features. Intensity came about during clinical trials when a number of women experienced orgasm during use of our incontinence products. A device that could create a powerful orgasm would benefit a lot of women. Intensity was designed using science and Physiology to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, tightening and toning the vaginal vault. That exercising of the pelvic floor is similar to the contractions a woman experiences during orgasm. Additionally, vibration was added to further stimulate the external clitoris AND the internal clitoris. Yes, you have an internal clitoris that is approximately 5 inches long and runs down either side of the vaginal vault. Stimulating the external clitoris, the internal clitoris and creating internal muscle contractions results in a powerful orgasm even in women who have never experienced orgasm. A tighter, toned vaginal vault also makes intercourse more pleasurable for both parties.