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Company : Pour Moi
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Aggregate Review : All Reviews  4.9 out of 5 , 72 votes , 72 reviews
Think twice before getting the Intensity model.  

This product does help, but I really wish I had got the regular one instead of the intensity model. It is so uncomfortable! To the point of I have pretty much stopped using it. The clitoral stimulator cannot be adjusted or moved. It is just this hard nubby thing that pokes uncomfortably. It is not stimulating at all. I wish it could be removed.

Worth every penny!  

I received it yesterday. First the customer service - Very fast shipping! Nicely boxed. Discreet shipping box.
Product review - OMG. I may never leave home again. 😊
Intensity is a perfect name. Easy to use after reading the manual. Easy to play with and figure out your best settings.
I told him I loved him when I put him away in his box when I was done.
Trying to find a perfect name for him. ❤️😊❤️
Would definitely purchase again.
Do yourself a favor and buy this product!


I used it 3 times so far. The third time, the orgasm was intense. It’s been years since I had an orgasm like that. I didn’t tell my husband I was using it, because I wanted to see if he noticed anything. Today he asked me if I had been doing kegels lately. 😍 The only con is if you are not gentle putting it in, it hurts. If you use it correctly, it shouldn’t hurt. I was about to schedule a VR surgery, now I don’t think I will need it.

Don’t Touch My Intensity!!  

This is an Awesome device!! Don’t hesitate, just do it!!! You won’t believe what it will do for you😘😘 I thought my life was over- I’m a very passionate woman- but this reset and tightened everything- down there😊😊😊


This product has changed my life!!! Aging is not fun but this will make you feel and I mean feel like a teenager!!😘😘 it tightens and stops leaks and makes sex Wowza🎉🎉🎉

Wow oh wow🌈🌈  

I had chemo which destroyed a lot of muscle- including down there. I would pee my pants once in awhile , and really couldn’t finish my husband off😩😩😩‘Tis Totally fixed Both issues 😍😍 I cannot say enough about this product 🎉🎉🎉

No more "PEEZING"  

This is kind of an update to a previous review. No more "peezing." I can sneeze and not have an accident. I can cough and laugh and not even a drop. This thing is awesome!

My mom had a prolapsed uterus. That scared me when I realized it might happen to me. I thought I needed to be proactive becauae I had hit menopause and was leaking ever time I sneezed, coughed, or laughed. I discovered the Intensity and WOW! I AM STILL TRYING TO UNCURL MY TOES. Holy only, what a ride! Talk about mind-blowing orgasms! Mine went on for several minutes. I will fight the person who tries to take it from me. My hubby isn't interested in sex anymore...after 30 plus years...understandable, but disappointing. This makes up for it. Thanks, Pour Moi, for coming up with this device. I will be referring this to my girlfriend who is a gynecologist....and all my other friends...and anyone who will listen...lol

Unbelievable results so quick!!  

I just wasn’t sure what to think about this idea but at 50 I suppose I wanted to be more proactive in stopping the hands of time when it comes to my bladder. Like a lot of ladies I do try and squeeze my legs when I laugh super hard or sneeze. My doctor always recommends kegals but I have to say I just can’t do them. It’s terribly odd and uncomfortable and I usually forget or stop trying soon after I start. So with slight stress incontinence in the early stages I was given the option of a surgery to help or am Inter uterine device or wearing panty liners. None seemed great. So I saw this and all my thoughts or worries were just forgotten because I wanted a private non invasive solution. Then this came in the mail! It was super quick to. So I waited till the House was empty and read al the instructions and figured ok ILL TRY! So at first it looked very much like a large WELLLLL YOU KNOW! Lol - but then you realize though it does haveca vibrating feature which I might add is ummmm WOW! You put on the gel to the two small electrode plates, and the tip, insert past the plates, usecyour hand to inflate to your comfort level but I liked it nocecand snug so I inflated pretty high up and thennnn OMG! Start on the lowest setting trust meee. So you can do the vibrate button first and then the kegal simulater or do the kegal then vibrate or just one or the other OR both at one time. A lot of options. But I tried both at first and it sorta freaked me out because it was intense pleasure immediately and pulsation moving my pelvic muscles at once so I seriously had to go back down on the level of power on both. I turned off the vibrator part and let the simulator work it’s magic on my pelvic muscles. Laid back comfortably with back slightly up on a pillow with my feet flat knees up and watched tv for ten minutes then took it out, washed it and myself up and DONE! I was just so impressed that I’d just done about 50 or more kegals with NO EFFORT!! I mean you lay there and it does it all! I fell in love that first day!! No more weird kegal attempts , no more swearing I’d do them to my doctor or myself. I now have a secret kegal machine!! It’s just incredible. I will say it’s odd at first having something deeper inside pulsating and moving your muscles butvyou getvused to it VERY quickly - don’t over think it. It’s doing what you need to have done! Some women may like to use the vibration feature so you don’t focus so much on what it’s doing, but if not so be it. I will say OMG to the vibration tool. Let’s leave it at that. I give this product a highest rating possible hands down. For a sceptical cautious women I’m so thrilled to have this unbelievable option to turn to. I told my doctor right away and she had already heard about it but wanted to order one for herself before she recommends it. I love this product! When I asked her if I used it once a day and did 50 kegals each time without even moving because it does it for you she said - I’ll becable to lift weights with my thighs let alone have no worries as I get older. I’m reccomebding this to all my female friends and family. There’s nothingggggg to be ashamed of at all. It’s a device to help us keep our muscles toned and in shape. The added bonus of pleasure is just the icing on the cake! Don’t hesitate to get this in any way. You will love it! I did not receive anything forcwriting this review, I’m not a paid sponsor or anything like that at all! I’m just a 50 year old woman who wants my body to be in good shape below my belt as I get older! With this product- it’ll be easy !!


Used 3 times and now I can sneeze without peeing

POI vaginal wall exerciser   

A must have. Noticed a difference after 3 uses. Great investment

POI vaginal wall exerciser   

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