General FAQs

A vibrator was designed to do one thing- vibrate. Yes, vibration feels great, there is no denying that, but what if you could use a product that felt great and did something positive for you outside of the bedroom? Enter Intensity. Intensity was designed to make you feel amazing, all while tightening and toning your vaginal muscles.

Intensity’s unique Inflation serves three purposes. First, the inflation provides a feeling of fullness which many women find to be quite enjoyable. Second, inflation presses Intensity’s internal vibrator into the oh-so-sensitive g-spot, located just inside the vagina. Finally, inflation positions the muscle stimulation contacts against the walls of the vagina, so when activated, the muscles pull upward and inward, gently gripping around the probe. These contractions are the same as those experienced during orgasm and help tighten and tone your pelvic floor.

Intensity is the only device that offers you the ability to experience the most incredible orgasm possible, while providing a workout for your pelvic floor.

A healthy pelvic floor:

  • Creates stronger, more intense orgasms
  • Stops bladder leakage when coughing, laughing, sneezing or during intimacy
  • Supports your internal organs and prevents prolapse

Everyone can agree that keeping yourself fit both inside and out is priceless.

Intensity comes with a 1 year replacement warranty against defects in workmanship. You can register your product online here

As with any personal use product, Intensity cannot be returned once removed from its cellophane shrink-wrap.

Apex FAQs

Research has shown that over half of women who attempt Kegel exercises do them incorrectly by over-using their abdomen, buttock or leg muscles.

Apex uses muscle stimulation to activate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, taking the confusion out of pelvic floor strengthening.

When using muscle stimulation it is recommended that you use a level that provides a full contraction of your pelvic floor muscles. It feels as if your vaginal muscles are pulling upward and inward, then releasing. These pelvic floor contractions strengthen the muscles, giving you greater control.

It is recommended that you use Apex daily until you achieve dryness; then one or two times per week to maintain muscle strength. Most users find they achieve their goal in 10-14 weeks and are easily able to maintain a leak free lifestyle.

Intensity FAQs

Muscle stimulation is a gentle current delivered to muscle that causes contraction. Intensity’s muscle stimulation encourages a gentle tensing of the muscles around the vagina, tightening and toning them for benefits both when you’re using the device and when you’re not. When Intensity encourages these muscles to contract, it mimics the internal vaginal contractions experienced during orgasm.

Muscle stimulation has been shown to tighten and tone muscle, and research shows that the more toned the vaginal muscles are, the better your orgasms are. With tight and toned muscles, you can be sure you will have incredible orgasms both with Intensity, and with your partner. Intensity provides you pleasure…With a purpose.

The muscle stimulation delivered by Intensity is very gentle and comfortable. Most users report they feel a slight tingle initially, and as the stimulation is increased, a gentle tensing of the muscles around the vagina occurs. This tension simply feels like a Kegel exercise done for you, mimicking the contractions experienced during orgasm. With 10 levels to choose from, your pelvic muscles (and partner) will thank you!