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My intensity came in today and I couldn’t wait to use it! The expandable shaft is great at getting the pads where they need to be and the strength of the electric stimulation and vibration is amazing! I had the biggest, hardest and longest orgasm I have had in possibly ever! Would recommend this product to everyone!

Pelvic support  

I can tell my cervix does not pop out as much now, never had kids so my vagina is narrow but my mom had prolapse uterus, and my contraction from orgasms have been not very noticable, so I hope this help me because I would love to experience a powerful orgasm I would love to have squirting orgasms.

I'm amazed!  

I did not hesitate when I saw the ads for InControl, and glad I did not! I have been "managing" bladder prolapse for about 10 years, seeing different medical professionals, trying different things and it just kept getting worse. Until Intensity! I started using the device faithfully (10 mins a day, 6 days a week) on Feb 10 when it arrived and could tell right away "these are not my mama's kegels"! Then today, 27 days after the first use, I had a doctor's appointment and he was amazed! In just this short of time, my prolapse is better! My whole vagina seems "renewed"! I could not be more happy! Thank you, everyone at InControl and Pour Moi! By the way, the clinicians I've talked to several times are very helpful!


Wow! It is great!! I originally bought it for inconteniene but now I use it for sexual pleasure! Oh wow it feels great and exercises me. I burst out into wild orgasms that I never dreamed possible! I use the strongest strength and the highest vibrations and inflate it for extra large fit. I started low and worked my way up. I use it EVERY day! Sometimes 5 or 6 times a day on weekends. I never used a sex toy before and I feel great using it because it strengthens my muscles and gives me fantastic orgasims and I always cum alot too. It keeps me young and healthy down there. I recommend it for all women who need to strengthen tone and add to their sexual pleasure.

Makes me feel sexy  

I like using it because it makes me feel sexy. I'm happy to be strengthening my vagunal muscles down there. I like the fact that you can expand the wand for a big and tight fit. I expand it to the largest size. I use the strongest strength so I can get my muscles stronger faster. My fiancee has a very large cock and we are waiting to get married before sexual intercourse so this is helping to strengthen and stretch me. Sometimes it hurts a little so I turn on the vibrator and it helps. I dont really get orgasms from it but it is making me feel stronger and sexier. I use it for incontinence but I also use it for sexual pleasure sometimes too and to get ready for intercourse with my fiance when we marry. My gynecologist recommended the medical grade but my insurance would not pay so I bought the other which is basically the same.. It is a great device for alot of different reasons. I use it almost every day 2 to 3 times per day and go long sessions. It is great!


I look forward to using it every day. It helps me to not leak urine as much. I also threw out my dildo cuz this thing works so much better. The vibrator relaxes me and eventually I have a real strong orgasm and cum alot. It is a 2 in one product. Strengthen the muscles and have a great climax with cum. It is my new love!

Best use  

Best use: I bought this device and I have just shoved it in a drawer because I found it a bit uncomfortable but I am 51 years old and I want to tighten up my pelvic floor I may be having to look for a new husband soon LOL I want to know the best way to use this device to get the best results.

Absolutely life changing!  

I bought my Intensity almost 2 years ago and it has completely changed my sex life & overall getting to know/strengthen my pelvic floor. It is a fun toy with a purpose. Anytime I feel weak or in need of a boost I know I can rely on my Intensity to give me back my strength to hold my pee and insane orgasms again. I started off by using it every day for about 10 mins now I just take my time and use it 2-3 times a week or when I feel I need to. This has given me back my confidence and has really taught me the importance of my pelvic floor after having my son and experiencing mild bladder leaks. Every women should own one!! Thank you Pour Moi, great product!

Probing the probe  

I purchased the Intensity. I needed it because I was insecure about my pelvic area weakness. Although my Doctor stated I had strong PC muscles. I would have Pelvic floor therapy and notice As something different. The Intensity was purchased a while ago from The Ambiance store. I've only used it 7 times in all these years. The area around the probe from the start looked like it would loosen from around the probes....that discouraged use. I also didn't use it because I don't want to hold it. My goal initially was to get a better pelvic floor. So I never got to use it enough to see improvement


I have tried everything and nothing worked. My husband and I have a social life and a consumption of alcohol would have me leaking right away no matter how many times I used the restroom. It was so embarrassing. This has been a lifesaver. Thank you so much 😊


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