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Aggregate Review : All Reviews 4.9 out of 5 , 75 votes , 76 reviews

Great product! Excellent for improving overall pelvic floor health and sexual health. Helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles to decrease incontinence and increase sexual pleasure, improves and facilitates orgasm, and can provide improvement for hypertonic pelvic floor through the muscle stimulation. Would recommend a storage case for the device.

I highly recommend INTENSITY  

INTENSITY is an amazing device that really improved my health and made me feel better when during intimate situations. It's similar to APEX but INTENSITY comes with Internal and external clitoral stimulation. This made the kegel exercises I was doing extremely enjoyable. Once I began to use it my orgasms were more powerful and I could feel that my pelvic muscles were a lot stronger. I highly recommend INTENSITY as a kegel machine and stimulation device!

Thank You So Much  

As I’ve gotten older my bladder has become very weak and I found myself having to stop playing certain sports because of the embarrassment of incontinence. Having been involved in sports all my life, this was incredibly devastating for me and I became quite depressed.
I bought the Apex in the hopes that it would help with my problem and it has definitely done that – and more! Not only am I starting to play sports again, this wonderful machine has brought back the spark into our bedroom and my marriage. Thank-you so much, the Apex has truly given me a new lease on life.

Apex Is An Amazing Product  

Apex is an amazing product. I've always read online that doing Kegel exercises could greatly benefit my body. I wasn't convinced that my form and technique was the correct way of doing these exercises until I bought APEX. APEX insures that I am doing these exercises correctly while keeping it extremely easy to use. My husband is also very happy that I purchased this product and I feel a lot more confident in myself. I highly recommend this product for anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle.

Happy Woman  

I have used plenty of Kegel exercisers including weighted balls, spring loaded devices and the list goes on. Apex was the first Kegel exerciser that gave me results. After using it for the past 4 weeks even my husband noticed a difference! Thank you for giving me a product that takes the guess work out of doing my Kegels


This product has greatly improved my sex life! Love it!


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