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Works faster than expected!  

I'm a mother of two, I had a natural child birth with both of my kids. I ripped in the muscle really bad with the first and all around with my second. I didn't even realize how much I was leaking until it was so obvious that I had to wear pads everywhere! I went to physical therapy bought everything that I could that was cost affective and some that were not to assist with my kegals. All with little improvement! Two months of physical therapy I went from a level 2 to a level 3. Doing my exercises throughout the day 6-8 times a day! Apex came across my Facebook and I figured why not waste more money. I'm so glad I did! The best results by far of any of the products I've used! It's been three weeks and I'm almost leak free. I have so much control during sex, my husband is so happy! Thank you for making this product amazing! I was worried about the size at first But honestly I'm firmer now than I have been in years! I hope this helps for all that are on the fence.

Oh My God!  

This product was well worth the money I paid for it! I have been using it for two weeks now and already notice a BIG difference! I sneezed three consecutive times and not a drip. I didn't even have to try to clench my muscles to prevent any leakage. I'm totally amazed! Then there is the added benefits!!! I'm not going to kid you. This thing delivers the most intense orgasms I have ever had! They just keep on going and going and going. I can't wait to go to bed at night while my husband stays up watching TV. "Night, honey, I'm going to bed." Yeah, I go to bed 30 minutes later...lol He's not interested in sex much anymore so one of two things is going to happen...either this device is my new husband, or in a month or so, I'm going to see if my nice tight self can inspire him back into the game...lol Either way, I WIN! Thanks for creating this wonderful product. If this one dies from overuse, I swear to God I will invest in another one knowing that it's actually an investment, and I certainly won't be throwing my money away. I know what I'm getting!

So far so good  

I apologize in advance this is going to be a little lengthy. I want to start off by saying I never have given a review for anything. Usually because a product usually doesn’t exceed my expectations or I usually end up getting the wrong order and having to return it. (This did not happen with this order btw) So anyways. I have been using the Apex Exerciser for about 7 weeks now. I have been using it 4-5 days a week, one week being where I only could use it twice, and another where i could only use it 3 times that week. I really have to say I am extremely surprised I even got results, it’s not that i am a skeptic BUT i have ordered everything you can possibly think of online to help with my problem... Every exercise device I can think of, every cream claiming to tighten you up down there, kegel balls, probably everything and honestly nothing ever seemed to make a difference. So I was pretty happy to say that this time i so not feel like i have wasted my money! So far i believe i can actually tell there is a noticeable difference! (This may get a little personal lol) For the first time in a long time I could FEEL my husband during sex! And I want to point out that i do not have children or anything and I am only 28 years old., so i honestly just didnt know what was wrong with me, i did kegels just about everyday and nothing seemed to change(which is why i tried everything online), I was so embarrassed to have sex at all because I was afraid my husband didn’t enjoy it, and i felt like i lost my sensitivity down there or something. I was getting super depressed about this. I actually seen this advertised beside the magazines at my gynocologist appt. Clearly too embarrassed to talk about it with my doctor so i decided to go online and try it out anyways. I was scared, i threw away soo much money in the past on products that never seemed to make a difference. But the Apex has worked for me so far! I definitely notice a difference! And Im sure if i would have followed the “6 days a week” they require i would have even better results! All i can say is, i am just so happy i found this and i definitely think anyone interested should give it a try! And my advice is KEEP with it! dont give up after a couple weeks, it takes TIME but it will do the job if you really want it! This has helped me locate the right muscles and do kegels the right way!! I highly recommend this product to anyone who had the same problem i did and keep up with it. I am also going to continue to use it for the recommended 12 weeks and even after that. I will also be updating everyone on further progress after i have reached my 12 weeks, but so far i can’t even tell you how happy i am that i am seeing a difference already, it is making me feel more confident already and has made sex more enjoyable for me. I did not tell my husband about me using this, but i know he can tell a difference too. when your husband actually says outloud and tells you that you “feel sooo good” during sex... I think that says it all, and nothing is more of a confidence booster than that! and i want to say if you are not getting results you are doing it wrong! talk to a customer service agent (i had to a couple times lol) who can help you figure out what you are doing wrong. You have to have it set to the right pump and the right level for it to work properly with your body and muscles! Don’t give up.

Totally life-changing!  

I have been using my device for about a year and it has totally transformed my sex life! Wow! I am 52 and a cancer survivor. My desire and mojo was nonexistent. I have spent a fortune on different “toys” in my search to feel fulfilled and now Intensity has become the only thing I need. As a mother of 4, I never felt “tight” or as firm as I felt I should be and also had incontinence issues that are gone now! Thank you for developing such an amazing device.

Amazing results  

I’ve been irregularly using Intensity and have seen great results. At first I was faithfully using the product twice a day for several weeks and I noticed a huge difference in my pelvic floor strength. I have had a 10 lb and a 9 lb baby naturally 2 years apart and started having a lot of bladder leaking problems and I just could not hold my urine if I had to go. I tried to stop my stream of urine one day and no matter how hard I tried it would not stop which is when I realized there was a real problem. At only 30 years old I found this device and the bladder control quickly stopped and this device has helped me to do kegels on my own. I no longer leak and I am able to hold my kegel for 10 seconds whereas when I first bought the product I could not hold my kegel for a full second. I am extremely happy with this product and I am no longer embarrassed by leaks! I feel my age again!

You deserve it  

Omg in love with this, your orgasms will go to the next level and so fun to use to help your kegals

Amazing product!  

I suffer from light incontinence, due to damage when my son was born, as well as the usual stresses to the bladder muscles. I may never recover 100%, due to the damage, but the Intensity IS helping immensely! The added vibration features make it even more fun to use. I have to say this is one of the best personal health purchases I have ever made; it's worth every cent! Definitely a keeper!

Best pelvic floor strengthened on the market!!!  

I was able to afford this amazing product with the payment plan. I am 54 years young and have delivered three large babies vaginally. The Intensity is very easy to use and does NOT hurt if used properly. My pelvic floor is getting stronger every week. I am seeing impressive results as I use this device. I chose the model with the attachment. Research proves With each orgasm you have it trains your body to achieve orgasm easier over time. I have gone through menopause and am having difficulty reaching climax. The Intensity has helped train my PC muscles in multiple ways. I am a critical care RN and have medical knowledge that has helped me research this product. I highly recommend this to women struggling with any of these issues.

Wow...it really works  

I just purchased intensity and I used it for the first time I can honestly say I felt a difference after the first use. I looked forward to my continue use because I have had four natural child births and you know things can get quite loose and I'm in my mid 40's and sex has not not been the same in years. So a little tightening and toning the natural way can make all the difference.

Pain Free Sex!  

Growing up, my Mom never discussed "being a woman" with me. She ordered a kit from Kotex and had my sister show me how to use the products. When my Mom went through menopause at 52, she didn't share her thoughts with me either. It occurred for me about the same age. I did not feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and personal occurrences with my Mom either. I felt "normal" until I experienced thinning hair, which my hairdresser pointed out, waking up at 3:00 p.m. wide awake and unable to return to sleep, my body feeling hot and cold, and painful sex. I tried various types of lubricants, I tried natural supplements, I tried oral synthetic hormones, and I tried an estrogen cream and patch. Nothing was helping me. My husband said he felt bad when he could see the discomfort in my facial expression when we had intercourse. It got to the point where we just quit having sex. I had no desire for any parts of sex. I felt like a failure. My doctor said that I had vagina atrophy and scar tissue pain. A few months ago, he suggested that I look at the "pourmoi" website and perhaps give the Apex or Intensity a try. I am modest and I barely wanted to view the site, let alone order and use one of these items. However, I was desperate to feel like a woman and be enjoy being intimate with my husband. I ordered the item and it arrived. When I opened the box, I was really intimated looking at the item. I used it when my husband was not at home. I was able to insert it without pain, I was amazed. When I showed it to my husband, he was also intimidated. We used it together. Since then, I use it discreetly. He worries that it is doing his job, but I assure him that each of them have their own purpose. The Pourmoi unit works! We are now able to have sex now without pain! Thank you!


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