Intensity with The O-Shot!

“The health outcomes associated with a woman’s positive sexual experience are well documented. Procedures and treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation, hormone therapy and the O-Shot are frequently found to improve the female sexual response and these procedures are becoming more widely used. Recently, providers who focus on female sexual health have integrated a new product…


Vaginal Boot Camp? See what Dr. Thacker of the Cleveland Clinic has to say!

A NEW WOMEN’S BOOT CAMP We have all heard about boot camp, wherein men and women who have recently joined the United States Army, Navy or Marine Corps receive intensive basic training, which is generally short, intensive, productive and life changing. This “boot camp” lingo has been extended to some intensive exercise routines for women…


OBG Management – Product Update: InTone, E-Sacs, traxi, Saliva Fertility Monitor – The science behind Intensity

Review by OBG Management of our InTone medical device for female urinary incontinence. InTone was the medical device that provided the basis for the Intensity product. There is science behind Intensity! FEMALE URINARY INCONTINENCE DEVICEThe InTone® system from InControl Medical™ is a noninvasive home-based pelvic-floor rehabilitation program to treat female urinary incontinence. InControl offers two…


4 moves for bigger, better orgasms

An Excerpt from Shape Magazine, October 2014 #4 Strengthen your pelvic floor Two musts for a powerful orgasm: a strong, healthy pelvic floor and getting the right stimulation, says [Dr. Madeleine] Castellanos. Enter Intensity($200:, a vibrator/Kegel exerciser that hits your G-spot and clitoris and uses gentle electrostimulation to contract your vaginal muscles. Over time,…


6 Tips For A MUCH Better Orgasm

All orgasms aren’t created equal. While some involve life-changing, earthquake-inducing vibrations, others provide only a tiny and forgettable blip of excitement. But, no woman should settle for an orgasm that’s less than, well, orgasmic. Ahead, six strategies to take your climax to an out-of-this-world level. Be A Little Selfish “Having a good orgasm is directly…