Ultimate Kegel Exerciser

Kegels on your own not working well for you?  You’re not alone.  50% of women do their kegels wrong according to the NIH.  Apex and Intensity will strengthen your Pelvic Floor muscles with today’s technology.

In 1948, Dr. Arnold Kegel addressed the need for a strong pelvic floor with a set of exercises designed to strengthen the appropriate muscles.  That was 67 years ago!  In the last 67 years, technology has seen numerous advances such as;  color TV, a visit to the moon, GPS, etc.

Kegel exercises are just not very effective for several reasons.  The pelvic floor muscles are difficult to isolate and most people end up contracting their abdominal or gluteal muscles.  The National Institutes of Health estimates that more than half the people who attempt to do Kegel exercises do them wrong.

The other physiologic problem with Kegel exercises is resistance.   Anyone who has ever gone to a gym to strengthen and tone muscles knows that without resistance there is no gain in musculature.  No one would lift a barbell without weights on it.

Finally, if muscles have been stretched due to childbirth or exercise, those pelvic floor muscles may have atrophied and no amount of squeezing is going to help.

Women: Strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles – the health benefits are amazing!

Today Apex and Intensity, both from InControl Medical, are available over the counter and direct to the consumer.  Thousands of physicians have prescribed Apex to their patients and thousands of women have purchased and recommended Intensity for one reason: they work!

Apex and Intensity utilize science, physiology and common sense to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles quickly and efficiently.  Utilizing active resistance and gentle muscle stimulation these devices exercise your pelvic floor muscles, even atrophied muscles, correctly and effectively.

Strong pelvic floor muscles stop bladder leakage and dramatically enhance intimacy.  Don’t waste time doing exercises that don’t work.  Whether you choose Apex or Intensity, you will be strengthening your muscles with today’s technology.

Which Automatic Kegel Exerciser is Right for YOU?

The Ultimate Kegel Exerciser

Muscle Stimulation Contacts: for building strength to stop symptoms of leakage when laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising.

Customizable Probe: Apex inflates for a custom fit providing active resistance to maximize exercise.


A: Research has shown that over half of women who attempt Kegel exercises do them incorrectly by over-using their abdomen, buttock or leg muscles.

Apex uses muscle stimulation to activate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, taking the confusion out of pelvic floor strengthening.

Apex is the Ultimate Automatic Kegel Exerciser!

A. When using muscle stimulation it is recommended that you use a level that provides a full contraction of your pelvic floor muscles. It feels as if your vaginal muscles are pulling upward and inward, then releasing. These pelvic floor contractions strengthen the muscles, giving you greater control.

A. It is recommended that you use Apex daily until you achieve dryness; then one or two times per week to maintain muscle strength. Most users find they achieve their goal in 10-14 weeks and are easily able to maintain a leak free lifestyle.

Dr. Lauren Steicher, MDAssociate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University’s medical school, discusses Apex, the ultimate automatic pelvic floor exerciser on this segment of the DR STEVE Show.

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The Ultimate Kegel Exerciser with Benefits!

1 – Targeted Vibration (5 Levels)
2 – Clitoral Vibration
3 – Internal Clitoral Vibration

4 – Stimulation (10 Levels)
5 – Stimulation Contacts

Intensity FAQs

A: Muscle stimulation is a gentle current delivered to muscle that causes contraction. Intensity’s muscle stimulation encourages a gentle tensing of the muscles around the vagina, tightening and toning them for benefits both when you’re using the device and when you’re not. When Intensity encourages these muscles to contract, it mimics the internal vaginal contractions experienced during orgasm.

A. Muscle stimulation has been shown to tighten and tone muscle, and research shows that the more toned the vaginal muscles are, the better your orgasms are. With tight and toned muscles, you can be sure you will have incredible orgasms both with Intensity, and with your partner. Intensity provides you pleasure…With a purpose.

A. The muscle stimulation delivered by Intensity is very gentle and comfortable. Most users report they feel a slight tingle initially, and as the stimulation is increased, a gentle tensing of the muscles around the vagina occurs. This tension simply feels like a Kegel exercise done for you, mimicking the contractions experienced during orgasm. With 10 levels to choose from, your pelvic muscles (and partner) will thank you!

“Two musts for a powerful orgasm: a strong, healthy pelvic floor and getting the right stimulation”, says Dr. Madeleine Castellanospsychiatrist specializing in sex therapy, in Shape magazine.

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