Vaginal Rejuvenation




Sexual intimacy is one of the five basic human needs surpassed only by the need for food and shelter. Time and circumstances take a toll our ability to enjoy sexual intimacy to its fullest.   Women begin to lose vaginal tone and tightness as age, childbirth and exercise take a toll on our pelvic floor.

Weak pelvic floor muscles are the culprit for a lack of vaginal tone and tightness. Weak pelvic floor muscles also lead to weak orgasms. During orgasm in women those pelvic floor muscles spasm resulting in pleasure. The stronger the pelvic floor muscles are the stronger and longer the orgasm.

Intensity was specifically designed to substantially improve the quality of sexual intimacy.

  • Intensity’s muscle stimulation automatically exercises all the pelvic floor muscles resulting in a tighter more toned vagina and stronger muscles resulting in stronger, longer orgasms for the user.
  • Intensity brings tremendous blood flow to the pelvic floor resulting in a more lubricated vagina.
  • Intensity’s internal and external vibrators stimulate the internal and external clitoris and combine with the rhythmic stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles results in very powerful orgasms.
  • Even five minutes use of all Intensity features before intercourse changes the physical contour of the vagina resulting in a tighter sensation for the man and a fuller sensation for the woman.

There are many options for vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal toning, and vaginal tightening. The one thing they all have in common; they all recommend using Intensity® as part of their protocol, even the surgical options.

Don’t confuse Intensity® with a “sex toy”. Intensity® is a sexual health and stimulation device scientifically designed to bring on strong orgasms, better intimacy with your partner, and a healthier, stronger pelvic floor.