InControl Medical products, including those sold by Pour Moi (our over the counter products subsidiary), are specifically designed to enhance human physiology by using science to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor muscles are obviously located in the pelvis. The most direct route to these muscles in women is the vagina, in men the rectum. There are a number of factors leading to weak, ineffective pelvic floor muscles, pregnancy, exercise, weight and age. When pelvic floor muscles get weak, they cannot squeeze the urethra and stop urine flow, the vagina becomes loose and lacks tone, and pelvic organs such as the uterus and bladder can descend into and in some cases out of the vagina.

InControl Medical products use two key features to build even very weak pelvic floor muscles to the same level you enjoyed in your youth.

Electrical muscle stimulation has been used to build muscle for more than thirty years. Muscle stimulation sends a mild current into the motor points of the muscles causing them to contract. This is particularly important to those individuals whose pelvic muscle tone is so lax that a voluntary contraction is ineffective.  Muscle stimulation can also be used to calm an overactive muscle such as the Detrusor muscle that surrounds the bladder. The Apex and Intensity devices only build muscle whereas the ApexM, InTone, and InToneMV both build pelvic floor muscles and calm the Detrusor muscles utilizing two different patented electrical pulse algorithms. In 1948 Dr. Kegel introduced Kegel exercises, sixty seven years later, InControl products take a quantum leap in building pelvic floor muscles.

Anyone who has ever been to a gym to build their muscles understands that resistance is necessary to gaining strength. A bar bell without weights doesn’t build much strength.  InControl products use a patented inflatable balloon to provide active resistance to build muscle quickly and effectively. When muscles contract against the balloon, the muscle is allowed to completely contract because the balloon gives into the contraction. The balloon then pushes back against the muscle resulting in a complete contraction. Squeezing a muscle against a hard surface does not allow for a complete contraction of the muscle diminishing the effect of the exercise. Some of our devices, InTone and InToneMV, even measure the pressure changes in that balloon allowing your physician to track your progress in building muscle. These two products require a prescription and physician involvement.

InControl Medical products, including those sold by Pour Moi , utilize physiology instead of medication or surgery to return your pelvic floor to its optimum level of health.