Muscle Stimulation

Muscle stimulation is a gentle current delivered to muscle that causes contraction. Apex, ApexM and Intensity’s muscle stimulation encourages a gentle tensing of the muscles around the vagina, tightening and toning them for benefits both when you’re using the device and when you’re not.

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Pour Moi’s patented inflation feature provides customized fit and active resistance to rapidly build your pelvic floor muscles.

Inflation puts the muscle stimulation contacts directly against the muscles surrounding the vagina (your pelvic floor muscles) ensuring a deep and effective muscle contraction with active resistance.

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Dual Vibration (Intensity Only)

An area just inside the opening of the vagina that is home to a large number of nerves (15,000) and is actually part of the clitoris. The clitoris itself is present both externally (as we all know) and internally as it runs along the roof of the vagina. Stimulation of this area leads to the often elusive “vaginal orgasm”.

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